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What our students are saying ?

“It is a true pleasure to be able to write this letter of recommendation for Richard Guthrie. I recently completed a Certificate IV in (Finance and) Mortgage Broking at Integrity Education where Richard was the lead trainer and faciltator. Richard delivered the training with much enthusiasm and energy. Richard engaged his students by sharing his vast professional experience in the industry through many real life stories and case studies at his finder tips which he seamlessly incorporates into his training program. This interactive method raises the bar and sets the gold standard in experiential learning. I would not hesitate in recommending Richard as a quality and innovative trainer of choice. Certainly, I would shortlist him in any proposed training program delivery and look forward to working with him in the future in a business capacity.”
Allan Banh CPA. MBA (Mortgage Broking Workshop Student)
“Integrity Education supported me during my study (Dual Qualification – Certificate IV in Financial Services & Diploma of Financial Planning) and times of some personal issues. The study material and workshops were of a very professional standard and they made my study simple to progress through. I would recommend Integrity Education to anyone that is contemplating increasing their qualifications. The entire team at Integrity are friendly and always there to provide assistance when required.”
Bill Lancaster
“Presentation & face to face was excellent. I learnt a lot. A great learning experience”
Allan Tappenden
“Enjoyed the class discussion Thank you!”
Nicole Weatherley (RG146 Self-Managed Superfunds Workshop Student)
“Couldn’t be happier with the support I received throughout my learning experience with Integrity. The team was only a phone call away as I completed my studies via distance education. Highly recommended.”
Scott Jenkin
“I also just wanted to add that to date, I’ve been most impressed with the quality of the trainers and everyone I’ve dealt with within your organisation. Thank you for providing such an efficient and supportive environment.”
Suzanne Alexander (AMP Horizons Academy Graduate)
“Thank you so much. I never thought I would enjoy learning about Financial Planning, Superannuation etc. I honestly thought it a little boring. I now have a passion to expand my knowledge and move away from Finance into Financial Planning. You all made it fun and interesting and I learnt more than I thought possible. Thanks to all of you I have now been awarded the top 1% within Westpac Bank. Knowledge is definitely power.”
Mirvat Naddaf (Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning Graduate)
“Anthony is a fantastic trainer, his technical insights and research background provide a different side of fin planning the non-sales focus is very refreshing in what is needed in the industry.”
Kyle Lancaster
“Kept interesting during 3 days with in-depth knowledge and good experience through examples”
Jarrad Young
“It was my pleasure to learn from Richard who has a lot of experience and knowledge in the Finance Industry. Richard gave us real life knowledge and shared his over 10 years of experience. Apart from the course, he even guided us through setting up our business. Thank you for your knowledge and support.”
Vimal Adnani (Mortgage Broking Workshop Student)
“I wasn’t expecting the course to be as good as it was. The course materials were well structured, the support was excellent & the facilitators were brilliant – knowledgeable & very clear. The facilitators in particular made the course very enjoyable.”
Rennie Steinbarth
“Our facilitator was knowledgeable and a great communicator/teacher. I found him very easy to follow and explained everything well and answered all my questions.”
Michelle Savage
“The course was well structured and easy to follow. The assessments team, especially Sony, were quick to mark assessments and provide clear and concise feedback. I would recommend this course as I enjoyed my studies with Integrity.”
Emma Webber
“Fun and interesting learning environment. Enjoyed the workshop and class discussions. Very supportive facilitators.”
Stellios Theodoulou
“It is a very helpful course (Diploma of Financial Planning). Very good tutor.”
Sherry Gao
“I got a lot out of Integrity and they are second to none in my view – I think the issue in general when ever I speak to anyone in our space is KAPLAN just don’t want to know about anything you have done, and if they do they charge you through the tooth for it. They are too commercial and there seems to be a false sense of student care. I found this the opposite with you guys – the focused always seemed to be on me and how to help and progress my learning etc. Thanks again – hope my colleague will get out of it what I did.”
Phil Keane
“Dario was a great teacher with lots of knowledge to share and a supportive teacher.”
Tara Davies
“Very clear and precise in his teaching. Good examples and related to my learning.”
Dean Collins
“Neil is a great facilitator and makes learning more fun. It’s been a pleasure being his student.”
Katrina Di Carlo
“I found the staff at Integrity to be professional, polite, informative, patient and enthusiastic.This was my first online educational course and I was very happy with the service and support I received. I would not hesitate to recommend Integrity Education Group to others.”
J. Celand
“The course is structured in a way that allows those students working full time to still gain the support, resources and have the experience of being a student through the weekend workshops. The assessors were great at providing feedback in a timely manner and would always provide useful feedback. The office staff were always helpful and friendly, I have never had one negative contact with anyone at Integrity.”
Kyle Lancaster (Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning Workshop Student)
“Extremely knowledgeable, delivered the training using easy to understand real life examples & analogies”
Rosie Bouton | Diploma of Financial Planning
“Grant is a great teacher and he is very knowledgeable. He makes me want to work for AMP. Would recommend this course to anyone.”
Rochelle Garner
“Grant has been fantastic in clearing our doubts and concerns. Integrity staff have been amazingly supportive and helpful.”
Deepak Kumar
“I highly recommend the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. Also can you please pass on my thanks to your staff. They have been extremely prompt and helpful when responding to my request and in providing feedback on my assessments. I will only have praise for the Integrity Group when I speak to others.”
Tom Watson
“Extremely informative and goes into great detail on all aspects and answers all questions until I have an understanding.”
Rochelle Garner
“One of the best courses I have attended, well structured and with an easy method of learning.”
Sathy Sivanadian
“I would highly recommend (the Diploma of Financial Planning) for anyone seeking RG146 accreditation.”
Patrick Van Prooyen
“Eleni, thank you so much for all your support. I have enjoyed every class of yours. You are a great Facilitator with amazing skills and command which helped me to gain a good understanding of the subject. Also all the real life experiences of yours were really helpful to get a more clear understanding. Once again, thank you!”
Swati Nampally
“Neil kept us interested in the subject (Practice of Superannuation & Retirement Planning) and encouraged us to learn.”
Aiza Pawley
“Thank you and your team at Integrity Education for taking the time to administer my assessments and role plays. Appreciate your patience and a great student experience. The study course has indeed been very crisp and succinct. I feel confident and professionally enabled to service clients in Financial Planning in Australia.”
V. Parikh
“Well-structured and presented by the facilitator. Assistance by the facilitator was excellent.”
Darren H. (RG146 Financial Planning Workshop Student)
“It’s been a privilege to be involved with Integrity with regards to my financial planning studies. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and in fact, I will miss it somewhat. I’ve made some good friends from it and learnt heaps along the way. It’s challenged by brain on numerous occasions and I’ve certainly grown with it as well.”
Helen Williams
“Really enjoyed the Diploma of Financial Planning course; made a long day of learning feel like a short day as it was very interactive with great real-life experiences.”
Melissa Gini
“I am happy to say that the Facilitator made things very clear. He was able to make me feel confident and comfortable to continue this path to a career change.”
Raquel Owen
“Workshops provide such a wealth of information which are further enhanced by the relevant and concise course notes. Very professional environment to learn in.”
Ayshe Agaoglu
“Grant has a great way of getting through the work and making the course (Diploma of Financial Planning) enjoyable.”
Mark Henry
“Very enjoyable learning environment excellent delivery from facilitator. I was extremely happy with the workshop all my questions were very well answered and all units were covered.”
Rod Boothroyd
“My motivation and willingness to learn is continually pushed by Eleni’s teaching style and through detail in presentation of the RG146. The office staff are especially helpful with all my career questions.”
Arkadiuz Bryl
“I just wanted to give you an update on our team members. Most of my team members attended Integrity Education to obtain their Diploma in Financial planning and/or are completing it now. I have to say these team members are fantastic contributors to the team. Their knowledge on insurance and investments is great, they are great people with good values and have quality conversations with our customers. They save 40% of the customers that are cancelling their insurance.”
Kelly F.
“I was extremely happy with the Diploma of Financial Planning workshop, all my questions were very well answered and all units were covered.”
Jessica Nikolovski
“Enjoyed face to face course. It was to my expectations. Also Grant was easy to understand and easy to approach he is very knowledgeable of industry facts.”
Rocco D’Amelio (Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning Workshop Student)
“Firstly I would like to commend on the fantastic service I have experienced and received up to this date from Integrity since completing my enrolment. In addition to that I really appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to contact me on the phone (apologies for missing your call) and then followed up with such a detailed response via email. Thank you for the response, you have definitely answered all my questions, making me even more eager to complete the diploma and cert IV!! I will definitely look at completing the ADFP in 12 months time – the funding will be of great assistance!”
John Ho
“I would like to recognise the great service i received from Miss Sony as an assessor. She was extremely helpful and guided me thoroughly in every subject. She was very calm and is indeed a genuinely helpful person. Due to the distance learning studies, it sure was very important for me that I received accurate guidance from the support team over the phone. Miss Sony has fulfilled all the gaps I had, and I would like to acknowledge her service. Please pass my heartfelt appreciations to her and a big “Thank you” for her support.”
Bhavna Patel
“I thank Integrity Education for the very good course materials and its excellent staff, the wonderful support provided. I really enjoyed the course. I wish to thank Sony in particular, as she is a wonderful assessor. I thank her for her time, her patience, her knowledge and her kindness.”
Lintong Feng
“(The Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning is) Much better than other courses (I have previously completed). Would highly recommend.”
Steven Ly (AMP Graduate)
“I have studied with competitors, Integrity has by far exceeded my expectations. Definitely would recommend for anybody looking for flexible learning with great teachers.”
Steven Ly
“Richard prepared me for my introduction into the Finance and Mortgage Broking industry with his vast knowledge and experience. Richard was very passionate and invested in each students education; always attentive that the content was delivered in a straight forward manner which was easily understood. Richard helped me to understand that Mortgage Broking was an ever changing, compliant based, process driven industry encouraging out of the box thinking and attention to detail. Richard was always attentive and happy to assist with any questions that I had regarding the course material. I walked away from the experience with a great understanding of the skills I needed to be a successful and competent Mortgage Broker. Thank you Richard for your time. It really was very beneficial. Wish you all the best of luck with your future ventures and hope to run into you at some point.”
Rebecca Kennedy(Mortgage Broking Workshop Student)
“Joel is a great trainer. I really enjoyed this course. It has a lot of relevant and interesting content. The workshop allows a better environment for learning as well as networking.”
Nathalie Tram
“I had a great experience with Integrity Education. The Facilitator was always there for me when I needed help. Very happy with the training they provide. Looking forward to undertaking other courses.”
Irena Lako


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