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Accountant RG146 Training Solutions

Accountants are in the ‘box seat’ when it comes to personal financial advice as they are the Trusted Adviser for many Australians.  Clients look to their Accountants for not only taxation advice, but also other aspects of personal advice such as superannuation, investments and insurance.

To help clients meet their needs, Accountants need to be authorised to provide personal advice under an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).   The first step in the authorisation process is to become RG146 compliant.

Integrity Education has developed RG146 programs specifically designed for Accountants wanting to service their clients’ full financial advice needs. Please call one of our course advisers on 1300 400 346 to discuss which option will best meet your needs.

Accountants’ Essential Advice (AEA)

Ideal for Accountants who want to offer limited financial advice to their clients in establishing or winding-up a Self-Managed Super Fund, as well as recommend superannuation contributions, pensions commencement etc.

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Accountants’ Strategic Advice (ASA)

Ideal for Accountants wanting to engage on a deeper level with their clients and provide comprehensive, strategic ‘class of product’ financial advice with the flexibility to make specific financial product recommendations.

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